Disclosure / White Noise (LeDoom Remix Ft MNEK)


This has had me going all day. So damn groooovy

A few months ago, MNEK uploaded this really amazing cover he did of Disclosure’s “White Noise”, and LeDoom was smart enough to do this really hawt remix. Holy crap, I can’t stop moving to this one. Lets gooo.

Make sure you check out more of LeDoom’s stuff. This Texas based dude is pretty damn good.






Kamilla ❤

Viceroy / While We’re In Love (feat. Ghost Beach)

This track is popping, like a typical Viceroy track that grips summer by the balls and refuses to let go! Let yourself ease into a relative warmth despite the winter season we’re entering! Somewhere, there’s summer and where there’s summer, there is Viceroy.


– Alfie!

Cypress x Rusko / Roll It, Light It

Download here (Zippyshare)!

So, we’ve come to Slottsfjell day 3, THE LAST DAY here at this awesome festival. I think I could’ve stayed here for weeks (my body would’ve probably died inside though).

To get this night started, lets warm up with some Cypress X Rusko. Hip-hop and dubstep really do go well together yeaah! Tonight is gonna be filled with a lot of house music, as Rebecca & Fiona and CLMD (Carl Louis & Martin Danielle) to name a few, are DJing. It’s going down!

– Kamilla ❤

Blood Diamonds / Phone Sex (ft. Grimes)

This track totally made my day so much more worthy. This crappy Norwegian summer is making me really depressed, so finding this tune was the best that could happen right now. It is SO SOOOO nice!

Blood Diamonds, aka Mike Tucker, is coming out with his “Phone Sex” 12″ EP very soon, and this collaboration with his close friend Claire Boucher or Grimes (whom we talk about a lot here at Exposeexpress), just couldn’t have been better. It’s so warm and summerish with its tropical and electro pop beats.

“The song came after a sleepless night in Mike’s room, sipping gin and reading Nabokov over the holidays in Vancouver. It’s our ultimate pop fantasy brought to life.”
– Claire Boucher





I’m gonna go put this song on repeat now, and dream of the ocean.

– Kamilla ❤


So, who’s going to Hultsfredfestivalen in Sweden from june 14th-16th? I AM! Leaving tomorrow and totally excited. There are some really awesome bands playing, and I decided to give you a list of what I’m stoked to see.

Au Palais – Pathos

Feed Me – One Click Headshot

The Cure – Just Like Heaven

Alex Metric – End Of The World (ft. Charlie XCX)

Azure Blue – Little Confusions

Errors – A Rumour In Africa (Gold Panda remix)

Familjen – Det var Jag (Savage Skulls & Marcus Price remix)

French Films – Golden Sea

Gill Scott-Heron & Jamie XX – NY Is Killing Me

Joker – On My Mind (Rustie remix)

Justice – Genesis

M83 – Raconte-Moi Une Histoire

Nause – Made Of (Chuckie remix)

Sleep Party People – 10 Feet Up

Let the festival summer begin!

– Kamilla ❤


Lana Del Rey / Summertime Sadness (Reich & Bleich remix)

Download for free (Zippyshare) 

You’ve probably heard a billion remixes of this track, cuz there really is a bunch of remixes, lots of crappy ones too, but this one is seriously the best! Reich & Bleich did such a good job with it. I am not a big fan of the original, but I do like Lana Del Rey’s voice though, and this one is definitely on repeat.

Reich & Bleich




Previous Lana Del Rey posts

– Kamilla ❤

MMOTHS / Summer + Deep Focus / Should’ve Gone To Fabric


BUY MMOTHS / Summer (iTunes)


DOWNLOAD Deep Focus / Should’ve Gone To Fabric (Soundcloud)

Possibly the two most beautiful pieces of music that you’ll hear today!

They sure are the two most beautiful songs I heard today. ❤ I love this so much. The vocals on MMOTHS / Summer are so inexplicably wonderful. It's absolutely mindblowing to me. MMOTHS is Jack Colleran, a 17 year old producer from Ireland, Deep Focus is Robin Andrews, a 24 year old producer from London. They both seem to enjoy making wonderful, wonderful beats. It's just spectacular. Buy and download these gems, please do it, and follow these talented people.