Jurassic Fightclub / Katana

Kate Moss

<This is next level. So next level, so awesome wow.

You feeling this, yea?

Jurassic FightClub is the stage name which conceals these young brothers DJs and producers of Bass Music from Lille (France): Hugo, Romain and Florian.

Their own interpretation of Futuristic and Heavy Bass Music has been released on labels like RAW Records (Canada) and Moveltraxx (Paris).

These hyperactive brothers are also organizing their own Bass Music parties called ROAR! with guests such as Max Le Daron (Lowup), Flore (Chateau Bruyant), B-Brave (Akwaaba), D.S.L. (Ed Banger), Lazy Flow (Big N’ Hairy), Big Dope P (Moveltraxx) and many more…