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Who are we?

We are ExposeExpress, a blogging partnership between Ida Dillan and Kamilla Haugen. We also DJ under the name SHUT UP GIRL.

ExposeExpress official Twitter: @ExposeExpress
ExposeExpress on Facebook

Shut Up Girl official Twitter: @Shutupgirloslo
Shut Up Girl on Facebook

We love anyone that supports us!

Name: Ida Flatvoll
Age: 25
Ida on Twitter
Ida on Soundcloud
Ida on Facebook
Phone: +47 95 85 27 67


Name: Kamilla Haugen
Age: 23
Kamilla on Twitter
Kamilla on Soundcloud
Kamilla on Facebook
Instagram: @kamillaha
Phone: +47 95 73 55 89

If you want your music removed, please feel free to leave a comment and our super-army of trained internet monkeys will remove it, pronto!

6 Comments on “CONTACT/WHO WE ARE”

  1. totally love your blog…keep it up!

  2. Tyler says:

    I’ve followed for you guys for a long time now and didn’t know where to share this but I think you kids will like it.

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