Mad-Hop / “V/A MAD13” Snippet


Here you’ll find gems from Mike G, 813, Daedelus, Ta-Ku etc. etc.

I can NOT support this more. This is so great. Mad-Hop summed up pretty nicely:

Mad-Hop represents new kinda electronic music, covering multiple styles including; Hip Hop, Dubstep, IDM, Wonky beats, etc. providing support for innovative artists.

All the tunes in this snippet right here are NUTS! Today is the day I discovered Mad-Hop.

Since 2009, when Mad-Hop started as the group, they’re constantly creating a meeting platform for creative artists from all over the world who are not afraid to experiment with music and image. There were 5 parts of Mad-Hop digital saga, created in a short period of time representing individuality of stylez for fans of while electronic music stage/scene based on the experimental hip-hop, abstract, broken sounds: IDM, dubstep, trap, juke and glitch-hop. Also available physical releases
Minoo – “All The World” and Lomovolokno-“At Least Never”.
Currently we are thinking of how to make this world better.

I’m happy.



sicker than your average


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