Boards of Canada / Reach for the Dead

Behold. A work of art.

Boards of Canada, Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin has been releasing electronic music since the mid-1990s. Tomorrow’s Harvest is their first release since 2006.

Sandison on techniques used for making a track for their new album Tomorrow’s Harvest:

One technique we like is to create entirely new instruments by sampling ourselves performing on real instruments and then destroying the sounds. So we’ll maybe spend days just playing various things, wind instruments, strings, guitars, bass, synths, for hours into the samplers and then feeding those sounds through stacks of destructive hardware and resampling them to make unrecognizable new sounds. This is all before we even begin writing any tunes. So in the case of “New Seeds,” for example, some of the core tracks are real live percussion and bass, and then for layers of subsequent takes we captured ourselves jamming on these self-sampled sounds, to get a really slack, krautrock-y backbone. With that track we went back over it a few times overdubbing more hand-played parts, which gives it a really nice untidy energy. There’s a point where the melody blossoms into something new, like a clearing in the clouds, and the timing of that moment just happened naturally while we were jamming it down. (Source: June 12th, 2013)





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