Fever Ray / Now’s The Only Time I Know (The Killabits Remix)


I remember in 2009 when the Swedish electronica duo “The Knife” split up, and that one of the members, Karin Dreijer, went solo and formed Fever Ray. I was so lost in her music. All her songs were so moody and dark and different from anything I’d heard. I actually think Fever Ray was the one that really opened me up for indie-electronic music. “When I Grow Up” was my all time favorite, and I watched that music video probably a 100 times.

The Killabits have done such a great job on this remix. They have kept that original feel to it, added some future and bass, which makes it sound amazingly good.

“Everything sounds the same these days, so we’re trying to make something different. We’ve been hard at work taking bits and ideas from a variety of different influences, putting our own spin on it, and doing something new with it. This one is a little more laid back but from our experience its found its way into the right club setting – The Killabits

I can’t wait to hear more from these guys!




– Kamilla ❤

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