Bypass Bandits / Starchild EP

Bypass Bandits

Big up, Norway!

The old motherland holds some seriously skilled EDM artists nowadays, I’ll tell you that much.

So yeah, hailing from their homeland of Norway, the Glitchhop/Dubstep trio, Bypass Bandits, (Living Lars, Martin Wobble and Joakim Skurk) brings you their latest release, the ‘Starchild EP’, out on Bonerizing Records. This release will launch the bandits to the top of the charts in no time with their clean, melodic and funky sound and a touch of humor. It’s so much more than just a banging EP, it’s deep and fun at the same time. The perfect combination of melodic power and wit. It’s funky and hard like you wouldn’t believe it. It’s out on October 31’st!

I’ll tell you what’s my absolute favourite track, and it’s easily “Skillet”, no doubt about that. That track blew me away. It’s so cool with the awesome soundscape, build up and the nice vocals. It’s a typical track for me to fall in love with.

What’s your favourite?



Bypass Bandits


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