Kredo / I’m Not Alone


Out October 24th!

Swiss producer Kredo has proven his incredible production skills in the past by releasing several EP’s on Bonerizing Records. He lives up to his reputation with yet another bangin’ single called ‘I’m Not Alone’, including three amazing electro-remixes by Yuhei Kubo, Ahllex and PRA2. He has played piano for more than fourteen years and has been recording for three years. Beginning with experimenting on drum machines and outboard synths, Kredo has found a new calling in digital EDM production.

‘I’m not alone’ is melodic and atmospheric but hard hitting and fresh at the same time. With its smooth vocal, crazy arpeggios, and brain wrecking synthwork this tune makes up for an epic club destroyer. The 3 remixers really succeeded in capturing the awesome feeling this tune has while remixing, making the whole release very coherent and streamlined. Be it for easy listening at home or for playing live, these tunes will always sit tight!





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