The Weeknd / Montreal (YUME☯ remix)


I’m thinking..

…What did I even do when I was 17 years old?

I did naht make beautiful music pieces, like YUME☯ here, that’s for sure. The closest I got to making any kind of music back then, was writing (awful, so very very awful) lyrics, and recording them on my cassette deck. YUME☯ made this great remix of Montreal by The Weeknd. That’s what he did. When it comes to this song, like so many times before I’m falling for the simplicity of it. And of course, the emotion it represents. The sound is minimal in some way, yet it feels really powerful, and that really appeals to me.

You and me, Yume. ❤

I really love the original as well.






One Comment on “The Weeknd / Montreal (YUME☯ remix)”

  1. […] fell in love with The Weeknd / Montreal (YUME Remix). I loved it so much I used it in the Autumn Mixtape. I don’t know what it is about this sound […]

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