Crystal Castles / Wrath of God

“A lot of bad things have happened to people close to me and it’s profoundly influenced my writing as I’ve realized there will never be justice for them.” – Alice Glass 

Crystal Castles just released this new track from their upcoming album “III”, that will be out nov. 5th, and I have to say I am super excited for this album. “Wrath of God” is definitely a new side we haven’t really heard from Crystal Castles before. It’s more melodic and emotional, and less noisy. And that was the whole point of this new album, according to Alice Glass. They have actually traded the old keyboards and pedals used on the two previous albums, to a set of new ones to create a different sound. Hopefully the sound’s not too different though. I mean, there’s a reason why I love Crystal Castles, you know.

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– Kamilla ❤

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