Souldrop / Your Love

Your Love

Souldrop are back in the studio working on new stuff after a hectic festival summer. This song “Your Love” is making me very excited to hear more. Souldrop are really awesome, and I always have a great time at their shows. The first time I saw these guys live was at Blå last year, and it was mindblowing! And this spring we actually “warmed up” for them at the AHO spring shindig, that was really cool as well.


Souldrop is a Norwegian producer trio that consists of Even Brenna, Pål Myran-Håland and Thomas “Teddy Touch” Knudsen. They have quickly established themselves as Norway’s go-to producers and remixers for indies and majors alike. They made their debut as artists in late 2011 with the EP “Prelude” (Universal Norway) and has since released music regularly on various labels, including their own imprint Drums Dramatic.




Also, here’s a nice summer 2012 recap video for you:


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