Fuck Fuck / Fuck Back To School Mixtape

Fuck Back To School

Presenting a super bawsy mixtape by Fuck Fuck.

Bring the yoness!

Fuck Back to School is a collection of songs that have made Fuck Fuck’s ’12 summer unforgettable. By pressing play you vow to keep the pulse of this summer beating deep into the bland, dark winter. F u c k Back to School.

It’s like they say: Now that the sun is starting to set, we encourage you to refuse to return to your coffins, and instead continue to obliviously gorge on the decadent, earthly pleasures that confirm that you are alive and human!


Bobby Tank – Afterburn (Original Mix)
Alec Carlsson – OMG
The Knocks & Fred Falke – Geronimo EP Minimix
Disclosure – What’s in Your Head
Jonas Rathsman – Feeling You
Punks Jump Up – Mr. Overtime (Oliver remix)
Lemaître Blue Shift (Bonus Track)
Aves – Spiral (demo) (Fuck Fuck edit)
Errror – Rainbow (Fuck Fuck edit)
Malinchak – Beside Me
Bwana – Baby, Let Me Finish (Karma Kid Remix)
We Have The Technology – Girl (I Wanna Be Your Girl) (Girl)
Taquwami – You R Everything
://about:sound – Another
Darius – Dans Tes Yeux



Darkness is closing in on us…. LOL poetic.


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