Van Toth / Trap For Me

Self Indulgent

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Oh my God I need to show you this, I need to show you this!!

You MAY have noticed that we’re into trap music.

(aka Kaskade & Deadmau5- Move For Me (Van Toth Remix))

And this is, I guess, trap music. But it’s different, and I so absolutely adore it!! It sounds so gooood to meeeeee. Oh the ambience… It’s just lovely.

Van Toth, born on August 22, 1990 was raised in Miami, Florida. Currently residing there, his drive toward the art of music grew from an early age. Always learning and teaching himself, he began with his own guitar lessons at 13. The years bringing more awareness, at the age of 17 he began experimenting with FL Studio, bending his mind to grasp the basics of producing and recording.

So there you go!

Does’nt really matter, in this light we’re all the same.



One Comment on “Van Toth / Trap For Me”

  1. […] Sometimes I listen to so much trap, that all of the songs start to sound the same. I recognize that trap songs rarely include actual singing vocals. I really enjoy the vocals on this one, it’s a fresh breath! Vocals + trance-like melodic pads. It’s really nice. Wanna know what my all time favorite trap-enchantingvocals-song is? CLICK HERE. […]

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