Unicorn Kid / Need U

I NEED U U U U aaaah!

Unicorn Kid is out with a new great track, and I have to say that the music video is really cool too. Oliver Sabin aka Unicorn Kid, walking through the streets of Chinatown with flashing neon lights hitting his face, holographic anime characters surrounding him, and techno beats indicating it’s time to rave. Yea, it’s cool! His dazed facial expression though, looks like me when I sit in front of the computer all day, haha I just realized that maybe it’s time to change up my facials a bit.

“Need U” is to be released on 3beat October 1. So there’s no download for this one yet. Fortunately you can watch the video as much as you want to!

BTW have you heard Unicorn Kid’s remix of “Phone Sex”? Holy hell, it is so AMAZING! Just genious!

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– Kamilla ❤

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