Bluebell / Normal Heights (Draper Remix) + Illusion & Eskimo Boy

(No download for this one yet, the full track of this will be out on the 20th of June.)

We were at the Deadmau5 gig yesterday!

It was pretty cool. I’ll be honest enough to say that I think I may have enjoyed it more, had I been able to buy some beer in there. (Sadly) I really think it’s better to play separate venues. Maybe two shows, like Skrillex did when he was here in November. One for those under 18, and one for old fossiles like myself.

I also think the show may have been better, had his second deck worked…. 0_o It was nice though! The light-show was amazing, I loved the Minecraft theme. We filmed a bit, and we’re gonna edit it this weekend, so look out for that.

Deadmau5 Oslo Spektrum

AND! My finals are over!! Hope it won’t go all Gandalf on me…

You Shall Not Pass

So here’s some nice tunes for you! I friggin’ LOVE Draper. So awesome.

Draper’s first big break came when he remixed a video commentary by YouTube celebrity Chris Smoove. The remix, entitled ‘Waiting On A Noob’, went on to become his first release, reaching the number 14 spot on iTune’s hip-hop/rap chart within days of its release.







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