Kotez / Just A Second

DOWNLOAD Kotez / Just A Second (Mediafire)

Check out his Bandcamp for EP’s and stuff.

Big Up Manchestaaah!

See, I discovered Kotez a little while back. After hours of browsing I find this song called Life. I felt like I could just go and die, because it was the most perfect tune ever. It’s really one of those songs I’m just not gonna forget about. I absolutely LOVE Kotez and his progressive dubstep, and Just A Second is in no way disappointing to me. The sound, the feeling, the vibe, the everything about it. This is music I can really appreciate, wherever, whenever. This is music to feel to, you know what I mean? Yeah, you do.

There’s a new EP coming in 2012, and I’m psyched!

For previous Kotez posts CLICK HERE.



All Great Things


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