Adele / Set Fire To The Rain (House Hunters Remix)

DOWNLOAD Adele / Set Fire To The Rain (House Hunters Remix) Soundcloud.

Maybe you’re thinking, haven’t we heard enough of this song already?

And I sort of agree..

That doesn’t mean that this remix isn’t cool! And you guys deserve to hear awesome songs, that will hopefully make you dance, and feel happy. 🙂 So please do! Download this banger and blast this one at your party tonight, or dance alone. It doesn’t matter, just do it. I’m normally not the kind to fall for this kinda sound, but this time I did, I hugged da floooor.

The House Hunters are an electronic dance music DJ/producer duo hailing from the United States. Specializing in primarily progressive, dutch, and electro house, they are just getting started and are already receiving a good amount of buzz for their music. I’ll drink to that!



Fistpumping And Balloons


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